Mothballed Battleships

Mothballed Battleships - Abandoned FlotillaIn the darkness as we rowed towards these giants, a peculiar thing happened; the water behind us began to glow, and a stream of electric blue seawater trailed us. To this day, that Bio-luminescent algae is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my life.

After getting bogged in the mud, we left the van and scrambled down a cliff face towards the beach. Sharp coral everywhere, and an inflatable boat. This was going to be an interesting endeavor.

After paddling out into the calm pre-dawn water we began exploring the dozen mothballed battleships that would be our playground. Our day started on a troop transport ship, but our main target was sitting tantalizingly close to us. Weighing in at 11300 tonnes, the Colbert was ours for the taking. Once home to two and half thousand men men, she towered above anything else, her red dome just itching for our visit.

Just getting onto her deck involved climbing across several other ships just to get high enough to reach her, but soon enough we’d found ourselves on the deck of the Colbert, weaseling our way inside.

So many levels, so much to see, so little time. The photos paint a better description than anything else. The whole adventure made more fun by the welded hatches between levels, leaving us with only one way to get up and one way to get down.

After exploring all of the abandoned ships, we began paddling back, fighting the current and the web of steel cables below the surface. When mere meters from the beach our inflatable snagged on a piece of coral and began to sink. Despite our best efforts we waded the rest of the way, and our little inflatable joined the other forgotten boats.

Dam It – Dam Wall Abseiling

Stocked up on food and cider, we clambered over some razor wire, with a duffel bag full of static line & a backpack of gear each.

Rigging checked & double checked, rock paper scisors decided who’d be the first one dam wall abseiling …

As the first dropped over the edge for the 60m plummet below, glow sticks were cut open and sprayed over the dam wall, providing glorious luminescence as you plunge face first into the darkness.

I rode my motorcycle home as the sun came up. Excellent night.

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Huge Abandoned Mine Works

Mid Mine

12 hour underground jaunt in over 40Km of huge abandoned mines? Sure, why not. In fact, why don’t we just drive in?