Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant / labs / jail.

The first time I got into Stigmata it was 3am. I bolted to the guard house, all good. I sprinted around the corner, brillaintly lit by a floodlight. Above me was a sign, “(Real Name) Correctional Facility”. I looked up at the cameras, the razor wire, this, was a Prison, and still in use, what the fuck was I doing here?

The next time I visited it’s prison usage was up, the place was ours…

Stigmata Pharmaceutical Plant - Labs

Stigmata – Labs



JPL Elevator Testing Tower

Fear of elevators is fairly common. Each time I’ve been in one and it’s lurched everyone looks like maybe the elevator’s going to plummet to the ground.

It doesn’t plummet to the ground – But they sure do here.

Built in the 70’s the tower was designed to test the safety functions of elevators, they’d cut the cables and see what happens. Sounds like fun…


Riding the Cars

Mini Dread

In a little hut is a little hatch. Lift out the plate. Clip into rope, drop down.



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