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Let’s get high.

Nooting Hill

Soon to be Melbourne’s next big housing estate, for a brief period Lilydale Quarry was the world’s largest macro-mini-golf course.

The history of the quarry is quite fascinating too, it’s the reason Puffing Billy was built (to collect wood to feed the limestone kilns), it’s the reason Lilydale has a train station (to get the lumber to the Quary), and a large number of Melbourne’s iconic limestone buildings, from the Supreme Court to Fed Square are made from materials removed from the Cave Hill site.

Giant limestone bunkers, conveyors, drivable dump trucks, caves, a gaping hole to drive golf balls into, secret tunnels, and a layout about as well planned out as Rollercoaster Tycoon world; a giant playground was left behind.



Solar Power Station

Person for scale

Most of the power stations we visit are coal, nuclear or gas fired. All technologies that have gone out of favour as renewable grow cheaper and more prevalent.

Solar Concentrators  track the sun throughout the day, using hundreds of mirrors to focus the energy into a small area, concentrating the power 500 times.

Slated to be the biggest and most efficient solar photo-voltaic power station in the world,  somehow this Solar Power Station in Victoria became abandoned. The mirrors painted over, gates shut and forgotten about.


JPL Elevator Testing Tower

Fear of elevators is fairly common. Each time I’ve been in one and it’s made strange noises or lurched around, everyone inside wonders if maybe the elevator’s going to plummet to the ground.

It doesn’t plummet to the ground.

But they sure do here!

Built in the 70’s this elevator testing tower was designed to test the safety functions of elevators.
They’d see how fast they could get them to go before falling apart.
They’d test how hard they could stop.
Ultimately, after running the car to the top of the tower, they’d cut the cables and see what happens as it plummets to the ground.

Sounds like a good place to elevator surf.