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Yellow Chip Road

Historically Australia’s wood was produced locally, grown in forests, logged and then sent to sawmills that would turn it into the wood products used around the country.

A downturn in local wood production led to this Sawmill – One of the largest in the state – shutting down a decade ago.

Untouched by nothing but nature, and with a fence that only covered half the property, the old sawmill was a pristine wonderland.

Abandoned Theater

Built in the 1950’s in the center of one of the largest towns in the state, the Civic Hall seated 1,500. It hosted numerous well known Australian bands and even the Royals in the 1970’s.

The locals are trying hard to get the Civic Hall Revitalized, but for now, it’s unused.

We arrived late and set up camp inside one of the dressing rooms and went to sleep.

Waking up early we took our time exploring the Civic Hall in the daylight. After we’d taken our photos and made the curtains go up and down until we got bored, we headed out, through the air vent we’d climbed in through.

What we didn’t expect however, was that there would be a farmers market using the car park of the Civic Hall, or that we’d climb out and into a stand selling potatoes…



With a 60m wingspan, cruising speeds of Mach 0.85 & a tail section 6 stories high, the Boeing 747 is a pretty awesome beast.

This one landed at an airport that has since lost it’s accreditation, so sits and waits for scrapping, as there’s no where to take off.

Alas getting into one of these bad boys required us to boost a stair car, luckily the airport had a few to spare…

Fun times.


Jet Graveyard

This place was Russia’s answer to Top Gun, except with less homoerotic undertones and the song “Take my Breath Away” playing on loop…

Named after a WW2 Soviet Fighter Ace, the school educated combat pilots, but also housed a helicopters, mobile runway equipment, radar, barracks, etc.

The runway lost it’s accreditation after the fall of the USSR, and so the planes are stranded here, the aircraft can’t take off here and it’s not viable to move them, so they stay right here.