Hells Bells

In the early 1930s the British Navy realised their worldwide communications could be severed if one of their few communications stations were attacked.

To address this the Commonwealth Government decided to build a new naval communications base in Australia, to be the most powerful naval wireless station in the British Empire and the Southern Hemisphere.

By the outbreak of WW2 the station was in full operation, it’s distinctive 200m tall towers beamed secret messages to allied naval forces, above and below the surface.

After the war the base continued to operate. Supporting the Korean War, Vietnam War, relaying messages to commercial shipping, and even broadcast the results of the Melbourne Olympics to the world.

In the late 90s the RAN decided to decommission the transmitting station part of the base. The transmitters lie idle, the control room still has a few lights but most are extinguished and the giant towers were felled some time ago.


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