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The Overlook Hotel

Works started on this site as a small temporary building completed in 1910, year on year, as holiday makes flocked here the hotel was expanded and expanded, creating a sprawling maze between the rooms, with corridors and passages popping up all over.

After being threatened by bushfires and falling patronage, the operator of the hotel locked the doors with a weeks notice, and left, where it’s sat ever since.



Augustus Gloop

Once the hub of power generation for South Australia, the towering stack of Northern Power Station, and the multiple stacks of Playford B made up the Port Augusta Power Station complex.

Playford B Power Station was mothballed in 2012. Built in the 1960’s when a productive workplace had 6 chimneys that all billowed out smoke, just to show how much work you were getting done.

Northern Power station was shut down in early 2016, due to falling power prices.

We were if anything too eager to see the old girls up close before they were gone. It would have been wise to wait until the staff had left, but enjoy the pictures!

Huge Abandoned Mine Works

12 hour underground jaunt in over 40Km of huge abandoned mine works? Sure, why not. In fact, why don’t we just drive in?

This mine produced limestone, but limestone that could take a shine. Like a cheap version of marble. Countless monuments and many notable buildings are made of products mined from this site. Later years saw the facility extracting stone, and processed underground in an  a unique underground plant.

Now it sits quietly in the country side, two giant doors in the side of a mountain, concealing the largest adit we’ve ever seen.



With a 60m wingspan, cruising speeds of Mach 0.85 & a tail section 6 stories high, the Boeing 747 is a pretty awesome beast.

This one landed at an airport that has since lost it’s accreditation, so sits and waits for scrapping, as there’s no where to take off.

Alas getting into one of these bad boys required us to boost a stair car, luckily the airport had a few to spare…

Fun times.