Huge Abandoned Mine Works

12 hour underground jaunt in over 40Km of huge abandoned mine works? Sure, why not. In fact, why don’t we just drive in?

This mine produced limestone, but limestone that could take a shine. Like a cheap version of marble. Countless monuments and many notable buildings are made of products mined from this site. Later years saw the facility extracting stone, and processed underground in anĀ  a unique underground plant.

Now it sits quietly in the country side, two giant doors in the side of a mountain, concealing the largest adit we’ve ever seen.



Mini Dreadnought

In a little hut is a little hatch. Lift out the plate and drop down into the darkness.

My favourite places are ones you don’t expect. An unassuming concrete hut in a paddock. Mini Dreadnought isn’t stormwater drain or sewerage retarding system, but rather an oil storage reservoir for a long gone facility.


Jet Graveyard

This place was Russia’s answer to Top Gun, except with less homoerotic undertones and the song “Take my Breath Away” playing on loop…

Named after a WW2 Soviet Fighter Ace, the school educated combat pilots, but also housed a helicopters, mobile runway equipment, radar, barracks, etc.

The runway lost it’s accreditation after the fall of the USSR, and so the planes are stranded here, the aircraft can’t take off here and it’s not viable to move them, so they stay right here.